just to say thanks for a prompt and fast service

I ordered the Biansi e-cigarette on Wednesday evening. One hour after ordering I received a phone call from the customer support who alerted me that I chose a charger power supply with a UK connector, although I am living in Belgium. They updated my order, changed the connector type to the EURO version and processed my order immediately. Also they told me that I could expect the delivery somewhere in the middle of the week after. Huge was my surprise when I came home on friday evening and finding the

I use this shop all the time, Great customer services, And Good price on stuff, Cheapest about, Would recommend to anyone.

It arrived in the mail just today! I am very excited! Thank you so much for your support and help throughout this entire process. Nothing but thumbs up for your customer service. I can not thank you enough for the service you have helped me with! I really do appreciate the outstanding customer service and I will be singing Praises about your store to my friends, really it means a lot.

Once again thank you for the aftersales care. Your is one of the best companies I have come across so far in my forays into the world of e commerce. I would and do recommend your company where possible.

Thank you so much for everything. Your company gives a great all around service. Told all my friends and they will switch to you. You saved me from going back on the fags. Thanks again.

I'm very happy about your way of treating the customers and the speed in replying at my email: surely it won't be my last order.

Hi, good prompt service, well done!

prodotto perfetto merce arrivata in 4 giorni tutto ok comprerò sicuramente altri prodotti

e-CigShop is a wonderful store, they are reasonably priced, carry a large supply of items and are very prompt in getting your order to you. Also, the staff are very polite and does not hesitate to contact you if there is a question about your order, instead of guessing what you wanted and shipping it.. hopeing they have it right. A quality merchant I have no problems recommending to my family and friends.

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